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4 Tricks How To IP Address Hiding

How to hide your ip ?
IP Address Hiding - The IP address is the Internet Protocol address of the computer or router that connects the network with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Each time you visit the Web site or any other server on the internet, your IP address is logged or recorded in a log file or stored on that server. So leaving traces of your internet activity log access.

But if you hide your IP Address then the server or site can not track your location or your identity and will hide it from the internet.

How To Hide Your IP Address

The Internet is full of scammers, spammers and hackers. They can easily track your online activities and steal your personal information by breaking through the security system.

On the other hand your internet service provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider), they track and always spying on You, monitor and store all your web activities.

If you do not want all this to happen, then you can read this article i.e. how to hide your IP Address so you can surf the internet anonymously so that no one can keep track of you or spy on Your Internet activities.

Why We Need To Hide My IP Address?

There are many intruders or hackers on the internet that is always keeping an eye on continuously all the activities of internet users. They can track your location or monitor your activities so they can breach the security zones on your system.

But if you hide your IP address then you can not be tracked by the intruders. So, every time you want to open a site that is not desired or unwanted sites, then the first thing to do is to hide your IP address.

But don't be a must that you should always hide your IP address, only when you need it or trying to open a site that is not trusted. This prevents you from tracking by websites or hide your geographic location.

A Method For Hiding The IP Address On A Windows PC

1. Web-Based Proxy Servers

The Web proxy is the best and easiest solution where you can hide your IP address easily. There are many Proxy Web site just go to the site, and please do a search anything you want, through the webproxy, will hide your original IP Address and let you surf the internet through their own servers.

So this is the solution how you can hide your IP address and surf anonymously on the internet. There are several Web-based proxy sites including HideMyAss, kproxy, Proxify, anonymous. Please adjust.

2. Use VPN (Virtual private network) Software & Extension

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another way and best to hide your IP address. If you are at work, school or College, create a new virtual private network like Ultra Surf, that is the best VPN extensions that you can use on mozilla browsers as well as in chrome, simply install the extension on your browser and tool It will hide IP address or change your location so you can surf anonymously on the Internet. It will also help you to open blocked sites at school or college.

3. Use A Software Hiding IP Address

Another simple method is the use of the Hide IP Address software. You can search on Google there are many best software on the internet that can help you to hide your IP address.

This software hides your IP address automatically and does not need to do anything just to download and install on your PC/Laptop and you can safely surf anonymously on the web. This actually will hide your IP address from the web and nobody can track your location or Your monitor.

4. Change The IP Address Manually

You can change your IP address manually in your browser and surf the internet anonymously. There are many sites providing proxy that is fresh and new, you just simply choose one of them and change the settings of your browser. If you don't know how to do this then you can study it also here:

I hope the 4 different methods for how to hide your ip address or an ip address in windows and mac will be above can help you. If you know any other method to hide the IP address on a PC then you should share it with us in the comments field below.


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